Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How does it work?
  • Review your project and determine what size dumpster you will require
  • Plan the project and how long it will require the dumpster to be on-site
  • Staging your items will help
  • Order your dumpster online today
  • Consider where you want the dumpster placed and make sure the area around the site is clear for delivery
  • Q.What can I put in the dumpster?
  • Household items and debris you want to throw away
  • Tree stumps and landscaping material, however dirt and concrete only loads require a special dumpster
  • Debris from your home remodeling or garage cleanout project
  • BST is perfect for a community clean-up or clean-out project
  • Q.What cannot be put in the dumpster?
  • Medical waste
  • Paint of any kind. However, you can dispose of empty dry paint cans. Lids must be off, and the can must be placed outside the dumpster.
  • Batteries of any size
  • Propane tanks
  • Any kind of liquid, gas, oil, water tanks, etc.
  • Freon or anything containing it (e.g., Refrigerator, Air Conditioner unit, etc.)
  • Chemicals and/or solvents of any kind
  • No engines/motors of any kind or size. The landfills do not accept these items and they must be recycled.
  • Equipment containing gas or oil
  • Fireworks, ammunition, firearms
  • Animal carcasses of any size or kind
  • Household rubbish (kitchen trash)
  • Q.What size dumpster do I need?
  • 15 yard dumpster
    • 7-8 pickup truck loads
    • 60 large lawn and leaf bags
    • Ideal for garage or apartment cleanout or kitchen renovation
  • 20 yard dumpster
    • 9-10 pickup truck loads
    • 100 large lawn and leaf bags
    • Ideal for medium home renovation
  • Q.When should I order my dumpster?
    A.BSD can usually deliver the next day but its better to order asap to ensure availability
    Q.How much waste can I put in my dumpster?
    A.Waste cannot exceed the top rail of the dumpster
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 410-940-9204

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